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green designer & environmental educator

Nadia Soucek

I’m the person behind Nadia Soucek Design. On an average day, I wear many hats including an accountant, editor, designer, developer, artist, photographer, and writer.

My formal education and professional training are in environmental sciences, and honestly thought I was going to work in natural resource management. The passion I have for design has been a consistent thread in every job, experience, or project I’ve ever had!

I absolutely love working with clients who have a vision for their business and are enthusiastic about taking it to the next level. My job is to be a guiding light through the design process.

We’ll work together to channel your passions into a visually cohesive identity for your branding or website.

Elevating your business should be a pleasant experience and I’ll be here to help you through each step of the journey. Together we’ll dive deep into your vision, your target audience, and your competition to ensure your business is well-positioned to stand out and attract the type of customers you love.  


I believe that genuinely embracing sustainability at the heart of your business is the only way forward.

Helping small businesses create sustainable design solutions to reduce their environmental impact & connect with customers who care is my passion.




Connected circles to represent a connected community.


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