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samsara wine infographic + custom icon design

Poster display in a town square with an infographic illustrating low-intervention wine making techniques.


Our client, a prominent winery, approached us with a creative challenge: to design a series of infographics that effectively convey their commitment to sustainability across every stage of their winemaking process.

One key infographic they envisioned is a “Grapes to Glass” design that narrates their vineyard practices and low-intervention winemaking journey. They were keen on encapsulating their eco-conscious efforts in an engaging and visually appealing manner.


For this project, we embarked on a collaborative journey with the client, understanding their specific sustainability initiatives and objectives.

We delved deep into their vineyard practices, which included organic farming, minimal water usage, and the incorporation of energy-efficient equipment. The low-intervention winemaking process, highlighting natural fermentation and reduced chemical use, was also a focal point.

The final infographics beautifully marry artistic design elements with informative content to showcase the winery’s green ethos, underlining their dedication to preserving the environment throughout the “grapes to glass” journey.

These infographics have not only become informative tools for the winery but also inspiring pieces for their customers, reinforcing their brand’s sustainability ethos.

Overhead view of an open notebook displaying custom icon designs for a wine making infographic.
Clipboard holding a piece of paper with an infographic on low-intervention wine making process of red wine.
Lectern in a wine cellar displaying a piece of paper with an inforgraphic of low-intervention wine making process.